Succession Planning

Succession Planning for leadership teams. Building bench strength against business critical roles

Our global clients recognise talent as the key success factor in their business and they value the strategic advantage of having on-demand access to a pipeline of talent aligned to their business-critical roles.

Succession Research works closely with CEO’s, CHRO’s and their in-house talent acquisition teams in situations where an internal succession plan may be weak or non-existent, or where internal talent pools lack those individuals with the right profile necessary to maintain business continuity in the event of a key leadership role becoming unexpectedly vacant.
It’s not recruitment, it’s leadership risk management…helping our global clients to mitigate against the risk of critical roles sitting vacant by identifying high-performing talent in the external marketplace – talent that will have already expressed an interest in discussing opportunities should they arise.
We are not just identifying or mapping talent, but actually reaching out and engaging with relevant individuals and gathering intelligence that will build a strong ‘executive bench’ for our clients, giving them security against any planned and unplanned vacancies in their organisation’s leadership team.

Case Study

Please review our Succession Planning case study to see how one of our clients used our service.

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